Heidi Bortel Celebrates her birthday skydiving

I hope I never forget that feeling, free falling from the sky.

I hope I never forget that the things that scare me the most, beg to be faced.

Divorce. Raising kids. Relating to aging parents. Falling in and out of love. With others. With self. Living in light, and hurting in shadow. Finding and losing friends. Finding and losing boundaries. Forgiving those who have failed me the most, and forgiving myself for those I have failed. Celebrating the times I get it right.

I have felt lost, but I never was. I was never alone, and always on the path…here. Food was there through the darkness, fed to me with the love of friendship.  I was naked, and they clothed me. Hungry, and I was fed.

Never underestimate the power of food. Or the power of shadow and loss. Or the power of love, and food given with love.

I’m on a journey, like everyone else. Self-compassion and discovery have been key challenges and reasons for celebration on this journey, which in turn has taught me compassion for others. Our lives are messy, colorful creations.

I created this site to heal and to connect with a world of journeyers, who enjoy the experience and beauty of food as it intimately intertwines with the state of our hearts.

Cheers – to the highs and lows of the journey – and every bite of food in between.