‘Tis the Season to Let Go


‘Tis the season for letting go. And it’s not always easy. But it’s always worth it.


Have you felt it?

What’s not working – not jiving – in your world?

Is it time to let go? Of a relationship? A job? The way you approach life? A bad habit? Sloppy money or time management? An ugly couch with bad vibes? Your drab bedroom and chaotic closet?


The universe is calling you to get straight with yourself. There’s no time for illusions and ostrich head-burying.  Look to the light, and let it illuminate what you no longer need.


And gracefully, and with compassion, let it go.


Don’t let guilt or regret paralyze you. If you feel guilt or shame about something not working any more in your life, it robs you of action. It is energy spent with no result. It is purposeless.


Live and learn. Modify. Let go.


Acknowledge you may not have been doing things in the best way, or spending time in a relationship or job that may not have a long-term future. That’s okay. Not every relationship or job or way of thinking or being is supposed to last forever. You learned some valuable lessons in its season.


And it doesn’t mean you have to quit the boyfriend or the job or the dysfunctional family relationship. But you may need to do some serious modification.


That means, listening to and honoring what YOU want and need this time. And then TELLING someone what that is.


The rest of the world isn’t charged with the responsibility for guessing how to make you happy.  But there’s a good chance life will go forward with more ease than if you leave your fate up to the psychic ability of everyone around you.


Create what you want and need. Do it with love. Don’t wait for everyone else to create it for you.


And there’s no right or wrong way to be.


You can be any color in the crayon box.



Food and Drink: Drink one less cup of caffeinated beverage.

Add a green veggie, cilantro or lemon water to your daily routine.


Transits General: Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018


“I am whole, even as I let go. I am enough.”

Deep breaths for five-ten minutes, eyes closed. Put your palms together and to your heart. Repeat the mantra.



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