Uranus in Taurus 2018: Hold your ground


There’s a few doom and gloom articles out there regarding Uranus in Taurus. This transit begins May 15, 2018 and lasts for 7-8 years.

The Great Depression and the rise of Fascism were not so happy things in our society the last time this exciting orb was in the earthy sign.

But I have a feeling that we’re going to experience the very real richness and depth of Uranus in Taurus.

What do you value?

The planet of change and insight expressing the sensuality of Taurus – what a beautiful thing! We will find ourselves celebrating food, sex, relationships, commitment (in ways only WE define it – not to fit in old cultural norms that no longer serve our individual expression), health, being IN the body – grounded.

Break free. Become you. Live what you value. Re-define what relationships look like. Create your own structure, break free from obligation for the sake of obligation.

All of these practices will be highlighted:

-Food: the pure enjoyment of food and our primal connection to it

-Learning ways to love the earth MORE – to appreciate that we are from the earth and thrive with our loving connection to it
-Astrology – as above, so below. We will understand on a deeper level the connection the sky (Uranus) has with the earth (Taurus) and how we resonate on a magnetic level with the cosmos.
-Touch, smell – we will glory in essential oil (fragrances from the earth), herbs, the pungent smells of grass and growing, living things
-Our senses will be awakened.
-Vocals, song
-We will redefine what material goods mean to us – what do we value?

From “I” to “us”.

We had a long stint in Aries – the “I” – the me – the who am I? This is not a ‘selfish’ phase – this was a self-love phase. Many relationships fell away (or more dramatically ended). We re-invented ourselves, personally and professionally. We did some deep shadow work, to get to the real us. This was needed to move into the value and commitment stage. We may have felt a little frustrated, because we were learning the new “us” but we didn’t know the next steps. Your energy may have felt erratic – you may have had more headaches. Stimulants (too much coffee, etc.) may have made you more jittery – “zingy” as I like to call it. Uranus in Aries will do that.

I like to think of Uranus as lightning. It’s influence can be unpredictable, charged, fast moving. With fiery Aries, that was taken to the next level. Aries also celebrates the child, newness, birth, because it is the birthing of the new – the first sign of the zodiac. Now we get to flow into more groundedness.

Think before you Speak: thanks, Uranus in Taurus

With Uranus in Taurus, we will naturally want to connect more with our bodies. We will feel more naturally supported to heal. Taurus rules the throat and neck, and the voice. We re-discovered who we were in Aries, now we can speak it. Support your throat and neck – whether it’s drinking honey lemon tea, or remembering to stretch our necks frequently while sitting at our computer. Singing (I don’t care if you’re good or not) is cathartic. It might be a nice practice whenever Taurus is highlighted in our chart – and now.

And while talking about chakras – our throat chakra  may be blocked if we are not grounded, or have blockage in the root and solar plexus. The energy must freely rise. We may be doing plenty of speaking, but not speaking from our authentic selves.

A caution against speaking for the sake of speaking. Allow your essence and truth to rise from your core, to be shared. To heal others. To give others the confidence to speak. To connect with others. We honor the power of our voice.

Uranus in Taurus is a beautiful time for the practice of kundalini yoga (especially during midlife). Our energy wants to move from the ground (root) to the heart and through the throat – speaking our truth. And Uranus and Mars give us the energy and power to do so. Freeing the root and solar plexus will also allow greater expression of sexuality, and sensuality.

Embrace Change!

Now is the time for concrete steps to celebrate our individuality – by merging with the other, who and what we value, and understand our relationship to the material – our money, our stuff, our people, our pets, our livelihood.

A powerful time to set our intentions for manifestation.

Because of an accompnying Mars square with Uranus – we may have moments of impatience and rushed decisions.

I often get wary of astrologers warning about not making any big decision during Uranus transits (squaring mars, for instance) or when Uranus is opposing our natal Uranus during mid-life.

However, I find that it is just the energy we need to break free. There is nothing to regret by following your heart and your gut and honoring truth. However, there are ways to “break free” and make major change without destroying the complete construct of our lives, or the hearts of others. THIS is where I would say to exercise caution – not to keep yourself from the change that is needed, but to make that change compassionately.

And we won’t always get that exactly right. But if we stay grounded – spend time in prayer or meditation and journaling before having that big talk, or quitting that job, or starting a new business, or divorcing, or spending 3 months in Africa taking care of elephants and leaving your family behind.

Any of these changes may be necessary for your growth and the growth and healing of others in your life – but try compassionate change. Not change for the sake of change – but change for the sake of healing, being true to your purpose, and love.

By utilizing the above practices, you’ll hopefully get a lot of the emotion out that clouds your decision making – or at least will bring clarity to your thoughts and intentions.
We need these supports to keep from flying off the handle with the sometimes explosive energy of Uranus and Mars.

Give yourself even one week to do these three things – meditate or pray in the morning and evening – Journal for 30 minutes in the morning or evening – before you make that big decision.

So often, we make decisions based on desperation, anger, resentment, dependency, jealousy, fear, or even plain selfishness.

Go to your heart – your center. Spend time there before you react. Then embrace the change.

And as hokey as it sounds – stay in your “I” and feeling language.

Stay away from the “you” language. This isn’t about the other person, the boss, the job, the house, it’s about how YOU FEEL about it. So it’s not a blame game. If you are unhappy with someone or something – it’s because you can’t tolerate it and have peace. Stay with yourself. Even if you must point out a behavior someone else is doing…”I feel ‘blank’ when you do ‘blank’.”

Again, this is where yoga, especially kundalini – and also dance can be especially helpful. Moving energy up from our root and heart. This will help keep us from speaking only from the head. Imagine if we just went around speaking everything in our head….Chaos. And we hear it every day. Twitter, anyone?

Being in alignment to our whole body – our gut, our heart, etc. – will give value to our words.

Value. That’s the word for Uranus in Taurus.

What do you value?
How will you honor it?
How will you express it?
How can you share it?
How can you grow it?

Practice grounding
Practice compassion
Speak your truth
Cook delicious food for yourself and others
Plant an herb garden, grow some veggies, play in the dirt
Practice deep breathing

The other main reason to practice grounding (and Taurus will already naturally support you in this) is that Uranus likes to shoot us up to the cosmos, where lightening and creation happens. You don’t want to get stuck there. Like yin and yang, it needs a balance, the earth.

Know this: if you ignore the health of your inner being, these changes and ‘shake-ups’ – like lightning charging the earth – will still come. That is life. But there may be a lot more pieces to pick up when something breaks.

And don’t take yourself too seriously.

Love, H

Take Care of You!

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