You can be any color…


“You can be any color in the crayon box.”



You have the universe’s permission. Believe it.

Life is not black and white.

Not simply god or devil.

Not just heaven or hell.

Not only pride or shame.


We can be so self limiting. We limit ourselves by what jobs we think we can have – what kind of mate or friend we can attract – what path we should take – what our family should look like.


We think there is only right and wrong.  Some discernment serves us well. Structure and discipline are often key to fulfillment.


But buyer beware, they can trap as well as free.


We are limited only by our own minds.


So many limitations are formed in us from the time we were children. Even when we are gone from the shelter  or possible constraints of our parents’ home – we still feel them hanging on us. They push and pull our subconscious minds and drives – limiting us.


Do you want to break free from unhealthy family bonds? Do you want to find your spiritual truth, but others expect you to believe and worship a certain way? Have you wanted to be an artist, but feel like you’ll be judged, because you really aren’t that good? Do you want to dye your hair bright pink, but afraid everyone else will just think you’re going through a mid-life crisis? (can’t it be a mid-life awakening?) What is limiting you from receiving and from becoming you?

Release the ‘can’t’. Void the opinions of others. Listen to your voice.

Thinking we can’t achieve, we can’t get out of debt, we can’t leave a one-horse town, we can’t travel, we can’t find the love we need, we can’t, we can’t, we can’t.

Ha! If only we knew. It’s waiting right around the corner – waiting for us to simply believe it will be.


Let faith be your food today.


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